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"Middle Ages" in Fantastic Floridas

"Mythologies" in Fantastic Floridas

"Spirit of '76"
in Fantastic Floridas

"Last Days"
in Pretty Owl Poetry

"Winter Gold" in Pretty Owl Poetry

"Leavings" & "Divinity" in Blunderbuss Magazine

"Tomorrow Was Hers"
in Pea River Journal

"Recess" & "The Falter"
in Blunderbuss Magazine

FO(U)ND MEMORIES : one | two | three | four | five

*Fo(u)nd Memories is a short story collection inspired
 by photographs gleaned from antique dealers, flea
 markets, and elsewhere.

Fo(u)nd Memories on NPR



Danny Powell is a writer of novels, short stories,
picture books, and screenplays, and a director of
motion pictures.

He has been an Edward Albee Fellow and a Tofte Lake
Center Emerging Artist, and he currently is the
writer-in-residence at Art & History Museums-Maitland.

His writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Penny
Ante Feud
, Pea River Journal, Blunderbuss Magazine,
Pretty Owl Poetry
, York Literary Review, and Fantastic
.  His feature film, Homer and Penelope,
premiered in 2013.






info at dannypowell dot us


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Danny’s short stories contain the same beauty and quiet thoughtfulness that his screenplays achieve. —Jakob Holder

His stories are often characterised by an observant eye, a poetic depth, and a great sense of integrity. [His] characters are dynamic and unforgettable. —Annemarie Ní Churreáin





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